For recent tenants: acoustics!

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For recent tenants: acoustics!

Post  JMK on Sun Jan 16, 2011 4:33 am

Just to mention, that sound travels in very unusual ways in this block.

You can be four floors or more away from the source, an think it is coming direct from above or below or next to you.

If anyone cares, i'll write up a half - decent explanation of the underlying problems, which are entirely structural here.

Just saying, if you plan to Party, you need to think beyond asking your neighbors on the same floor. Think in a box, 3 floors at least, all around you.

If you ever hear The Alan Parsons Project super loud, that'd be me. But that guy is such an engineer, you won't have those awful noise spike in the mix Smile

(perceived volume is proportional to noise in signal)

If you like your D&B or play, or whatever, get some bass traps, you can take them with you.

Bought here nearly 17 years ago, so long suffering.

Same goes for drilling DIY: buy a proper drill!

best to all,

- John/27


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