Communal TV Aerials + Floor Doors

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Communal TV Aerials + Floor Doors

Post  Tomthetank on Thu Dec 30, 2010 4:15 am

Morning all,

I am now a proud owner of my first flat screen telly. I Have finally been able to afford one and have a flat to put it in.

Having hooked it up i am amazed at the quality of MOST of the stations. I do seem to have some trouble running BBC1 BBC2 BBC3. The other stations are also running no-where near full signal strength. So my question to the forum is whether anyone else experiences any problems or has low signal strength?
It seems slightly odd to me that a tall building with an aerial network installed to the flats would have such a poor signal.
On a separate note, how would i find out the key code for my floors stairwell door? Obviously i'm not expecting anyone to post it here but if anyone can could they email me at tommysnell 'at' gmail dot com or give me a knock on Flat 10.
Happy impending new year to you all.



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