front door lock fiasco

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front door lock fiasco

Post  ianh on Mon Nov 01, 2010 12:53 pm

Called the Stonedale emergency line on Friday night, who assured me that it would be sorted by Saturday morning.

Called again on Sunday, no answer. Called again, no answer. What is it we pay them for exactly? (other than the fact that we pay for the cleaning of the non-existent front and back gardens)

Eventually managed to get someone to pick up, and they assured it would be fixed first thing Monday morning.

Monday passed, another call to the emergency line, the locksmith hasn't yet decided what to do about the situation and will be calling Stonedale tomorrow with some recommendations.

Now unable to give any possible date when it will be sorted.

Wonder how long it will take before we're burgled.. has anyone else had any dealings with them over this?


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