Heating bills

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Heating bills

Post  ianh on Fri Aug 13, 2010 11:25 am

Couple of tips from Franco.

Firstly if you look behind the boiler there is a hole in the wall. The cold air rushing in from this cools the noiler down, making it have to work extra hard and costing you loads of money. It needs blocking up.

Secondly the brush stuff around the window edges gets clogged with grit, this stops it from being able to close with a proper seal, meaning noise, drafts, and therefore heating bills. To fix simply scrub said brush bits with a toothbrush to remove grit.

Also if you are an owner or an annoyed tennant who wants to harass an owner he replaces the broken or waterlogged/condensationy window panes regularly so call for a quote, his number is on the lobby noticeboard.


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